What is the Manchester Fencing Centre?

The Manchester Fencing Centre is the largest purpose built fencing centre in the UK catering for the entire North of England fencing community as well as other blade sports.


What facilities are at the Manchester Fencing Centre?

  • 17,000 Sq Foot
  • 19 full size metal pistes
  • Leon Paul SG boxes
  • Gym and S&C Area
  • Classroom and meeting room
  • Referees Room
  • Shop
  • Reception
  • Comfortable seating area
  • Vending facilities
  • Free WiFi
  • Tea, Coffee facilities
  • Pool table
  • Dry changing rooms
  • Separate washroom/WC facilities
  • Bench seating and bag storage areas
  • Free parking
  • Local Amenities
  • Tesco close by


We like to keep things simple at the centre.

Use of the facilities:

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday
Students: £8.00
Children: £6.00
Adults: £11.00

Or have a chat with us about our Membership packages.

Hiring pistes for club use:

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday

£5 per piste per hour.

Other uses:

We have a vast space available for hire as well as meeting room and corporate facilities.

If you have an event that you would like to host at the centre, please get in touch and we will do our best to accommodate you.



Corporate Events

The Manchester Fencing Centre hosts corporate event days with fencing and light sabre battles replacing the traditional team building exercises.
There are no cold streams to ford with just a toothpick and some chewing gum - you get to fight with real swords and hit your colleagues!

Personal Trainers

The Manchester Fencing Centre offers bays, strips and a basic workout/fitness area for Personal Trainers to use.
The space would be ideal for CrossFit style workouts and we have some basic equipment available.
To hire the space would be as little as £15 an hour.

Marshall Fencing Club


The Manchester Fencing Centre is proud to have one of the countries leading sabre clubs training at the venue. With professional coaching and support, MFC students are enjoying great success in domestic and international competition.

Marshall Fencing offer elite fencing tuition for all three weapons, Foil, Epee and Sabre.

Find out more about Marshall Fencing Club, visit their site http://marshallfencing.co.uk



Fantastic venue. Excellent facilities, friendly and experienced coaches passionate about developing fencing for all. Open to anyone to use, train, coach and learn.

Jane Williamson