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Corporate Events

Give your team something unique, fun and enjoyable with the premier sword fighting specialists in the North West of England

Your team will start the day with 60 minutes of expert tuition from our fully qualified British Fencing coaches learning how to be safe, stand, move, attack and defend. 

You will be using REAL swords and there are exercises and games to practice the skills before the finale!

The Training

Safety tips
Your instructors will go through a full saftey briefing before you even hold a weapon but here is a brief overview of the kit you will be wearing.
– designed to prevent a broken blade from piercing the skin. To be worn under the jacket and over your sword arm
Jacket – provides upper body protection. Usually backzip so it doesn’t matter if you are left or right handed.
Chest protector – mandatory for female fencers and optional for men, this hard piece of plastic reduces the force from the hit.
Glove – worn to protect the sword hand from injury.
Mask – essential for protecting your face and the sides of your head. Available in different sizes
Sabre – your weapon of play. Available for both left and right-handed people, the sabre is a cutting weapon but don’t worry it’s not that sharp!

Your Time

TMFC has plenty of comfortable seating, tables and chairs and Audio Visual equipment for you to use to present staff training or whatever you need to do! 

  • • AV Equipment with large screen TV
  • • Superfast Wifi
  • • A frames and whiteboards
  • • Free parking

We can provide catering services for lunch as well as refreshments during your session.

The Finale

A competition at the end of the session! We will get you warmed up again and ready for a friendly competition either individually or team event. 

Refereed by our coaches, medals and prizes will be awarded for the winners!